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Key Benefits

bulletModernizes your home, makes your home look 20 years newer. It's senseless to remodel your home and leave the original acoustic.
bulletCleaner home. Acoustic collects dirt.
bulletHealthier home. Because there is less dust in your home.

Get Results Fast!

We can usually remove your acoustic, prepare your ceilings and texture your ceilings in one day. It takes 2 days with priming and painting included.

Step 1
Furniture is moved against the walls leaving the middle of rooms open. Floors are covered with plastic.  Plastic is then taped at the top of the walls draping down the walls and over your furniture (see gallery for photos).  
Step 2
Acoustic is lightly dampened, then scraped off. All tape joints are coated with joint compound and bad tape joints are cut out and repaired. Many companies do not do this or under do it, but it's a must to get a smooth ceiling so you can achieve a consistent texture (see gallery for photos).
Step 3
We use 3 ceiling textures; 1. orange peel texture 2. knockdown texture 3. hand trowel texture. If included, we prime and paint your ceilings. We use 2 coats of a superior stain blocking primer and 2 coats of acrylic flat paint.  The acoustic and plastic is then removed and a light vacuum is then done to leave your home in order (see gallery for photos).


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