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How Long Before The Job Is Started?

Can you be ready tomorrow? Often times we can!
A phone or in-home estimate must be given first.  Yes, an estimate may be given over the phone.

How Long Does It Take To Complete?

Most homes are completed in one day. This does not include the painting procedure.  The ceilings must cure for 24 hours before paint is applied.

Texturing Styles

Conventional textures were developed with the West Coast housing boom. This boom occurred during the 1970's and 1980's.  Styles include: Orange Peel, Knock Down and Hand Textures. 

Can it be painted right away?

Your new custom ceiling must cure for a period of 24 hours. The recommended time to enable an adequate cure is at least 24 hours.

What type of paints should be used?

It is essential that you use a maximum stain killing primer so your ceilings will not yellow. It is recommended that you use an acrylic flat paint for a quality matte finish.

Cost Estimates

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